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Search Help

The search feature searches all item names in all categories for matches.

You have two choices: You can perform a 'Phrase' match or a 'Word' match. Choosing 'Match Phrase' finds only item names that contain the full phrase you enter (including one word entries) and is a much more restrictive search than Match Words.

Using 'Match Words' finds all item names which contain ANY of your entered words, even if they are a part of another longer word.

For example, if you perform a 'Word' search and enter the two words 'teach' and 'school', the search will return all items with either 'teach' or 'school' in their name. This will include entries that contain either word, such as TEACHer or SCHOOLhouse, as a part of another word.

When entering more than one word, put a space between words. Other puctuation will spoil the search. In the above example, simply enter: teach school.

Up to 3 words are matched in the 'Word' search. Additional words are not considered.

Case is not considered in searches.