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Tom Clark

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Tom Clark / Last Supper
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St. Phillip
$100.50 Qty
His was one of the most despised occupations in Capernaum. As the tax collector for a foreign government - Levi was considered an enemy and a traitor by his fellow Jews. To some - this makes the story of his calling to become a disciple of Jesus all the mor
$100.50 Qty

Andrew was the brother of Simon Peter - both fishermen in Galilee at the time Jesus was selecting his disciples. As the passage from the Gospel of John indicates - it was Andrew who first witnessed Jesus. Inspired by this encounter - he later brought his bro
$100.50 Qty
The three disciples most often thought of as members of the inner circle were Peter - James and John. The last two were brothers - sons of Zebedee (Matthew 10:2). Zebedee's James (called the Great in contrast with another disciple - James the lesser) is a pr
$100.50 Qty

Archangel Michael
$150.00 Qty