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Tom Clark / Retired
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We offer an ever changing collection of retired artworks. Most are pre-owned and in excellent condition. Most will have story cards. Any flaws will be noted in the description. All will be able to be registered once your information is returned or you may fill it out online (See instructions in main Tom Clark screen).

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Twas Night Before Christmas Edition #3
... and all though hall - only Woodspirits were stirring and having a ball!' These Woodspirits' names are variations on the eight famous reindeer. Donna (for 'Donner') is at the top of the tree about to afix a starfish to the highest point - while Payton (
$950.00 Qty
The 7 Up
In the world of Gnomes and Woodspirits - the turtle is a special means of ground transportation. When it is small it is a taxi - as with Pokey's family. When it is large - like the one with Heather and Jan - it is a mini-bus. The largest one is the bus named
$950.00 Qty

Twas Night Before Christmas
... and all though hall - only Woodspirits were stirring and having a ball!' These Woodspirits' names are variations on the eight famous reindeer. Donna (for 'Donner') is at the top of the tree about to afix a starfish to the highest point - while Payton (
$900.00 Qty
Benjamin Franklin
Listen to what Thomas Jefferson had to say of his fellow statesman - diplomat - scientist and inventor: 'The greatest man and ornament of the age and country in which he lived.' Like Jefferson - Franklin's name is synonymous with the fight for American indep
$600.00 Qty

Franklin Roosevelt
$600.00 Qty
Shrinner & Hope
Hope is about to take her first step since the braces were put on. The look on her face says that now she thinks she's going to make it! The Shriner stands behind her, giving her encouragement but not doing the work for her. He holds her with experienced tenderness, for he has helped thousands before her. Hope's rag doll also has a crutch, and has been her constant companion during her trips to the hospital. The Shriner wears a small crutch lapel pin, Symbolic of the hundreds of ways that Shriners work to help burned and crippled children. A collection of newspapers that they publish headlines "Help" which is the theme of the Shriners' campaign. I am indebted to Joe Vale of Gastonia, North Carolina for the inspiration and the naming of this statue.
$550.00 Qty

Edition #1
Sunny was originally commissioned for Sun Valley, Idaho. He wares a Peruvian cap which is popular in Sun Valley. His knapsack is also popular there. Since Woodspirits have very strong lungs they enjoy mountain climbing. They like to find pieces of mica which they can convert into mirrors. If the hike is a very long one, they hitch a ride back home on the back of a hawk.
$500.00 Qty
Daniel Boone
Boone is posed resting on a mountaintop with rocks by his feet and a coonskin cap on his head. Doubtless he is looking at the area around Boone, North Carolina where so many wonderful stories about him abound. This figure has a powder horn, a couple of pouches and a musket appropriate for his time. The pose was influenced by Davis Wright's drawing of "The Longhunter of the 1700's."
$350.00 Qty

My little fellow is watching TV, tuned into "The World of Tom Clark" on the "telly." Both Telly and the tree frog are anxious to view the video, being premiered along with this statue. Since the collector gets two for the price of one (the statue and the video) the two pence symbolizes that "two-fer" bargain. The two little nutheads depict comedy and tragedy, because I hope you have fun watching the video, and if you don't, it's a tragedy!
$325.00 Qty
Toad I
The central character in Kenneth Grahame's book, "The Wind In the Willows," is Mr. Toad of Toad Hall. He is an aristocratic dandy who is totally fascinated with any mode of transportation. For this reason, Toad I is holding a road map to guide him on all his travels around Great Britain.
$295.00 Qty

George Washington
Every schoolchild knows that George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. My statue is intended to honor Washington's total life - not just his presidential years.The scroll on each side of Washington list the date of his birt
$275.00 Qty
Ahab is taking it easy between voyages. He is laid back in the conch shell, perhaps daydreaming about the adventures of Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. Because he can be easily spotted in his yellow slicker, he sometimes turns over the shell and hides underneath. He's waiting for someone else to start the clambake. His coin, when there is one, is Swedish.
$275.00 Qty

Some child was running through the forest and just ran right out of his Gerber tennis shoe. This fellow found it and is pretending that it is his race car. He is a "shoo-in" to finish first! Sometimes he has a coin and sometimes he rides for free.
$260.00 Qty
Forest Gnome 83'
Small paint rub on tip of hat. My first Forest (1978) was 16 inches tall and sported a very smooth tonic. By 1983 I had wrinkled his tonic and given him new boots and a facial change.
$250.00 Qty

Jeramiah Sally
Edition #1
This woodcutter was inspired by a photograph in "This Proud Land" by West and Roberts. The gentleman has an Abe Lincoln stance and the same look of concern and responsibility for the welfare of others. He has a homemade axe with which he chopped the logs that are behind him.
$250.00 Qty
Mom - with Apron
The female Gnome wears subdued colors, like females in the bird species, to camouflage themselves when outside the home. They keep their outside the kerchief until they marry. Mom is a very good cook and her figure testifies to that fact. She is the first Gnome to receive a coin (Dutch) from me. I felt that she had earned it before anyone else in her clan. Her apron was also an addition given her after many additions that were apronless.
$250.00 Qty

Edition #1
Siberian Gnomes are seldom seen on Cairn Ridge in North Carolina. Consequently, most Gnomes and Woodspirits think they are mean people, intent on destroying the rest of the world. When Igor left Siberia to attend a Gnome wedding, most of the guests were amazed to find him a fine fellow. He picked up a coin from Norway as he journeyed to the event. He was offered some North Carolina chewing tobacco and he decided to stay for a long time. Igor's hat sports both nose and ear flaps. His unusual coat is made of wool from Tibetan mama llama.
$250.00 Qty
Apple Annie
I once saw a mountain lady crossing the road with her apron full of apples. The wind from my car blew her bonnet and she quickly clasped it with her hand. Therein was the pose that inspired the statue.
$230.00 Qty

There is no coin on Sandy for a very good reason. He is the fund raiser for the Woodspirits and encourages the others to give their money to worthy causes, as he has done. Anyway, who needs money when you have the earth, the sky and a sand dollar! The shells are from both the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts. He named for Sandy Carnegie who solicits fund for Davidson Collage.
$225.00 Qty
Par Edition #2
This large bird has an 'eagle's eye view' of the golf course where these three fellows were playing in the rough. They named the eagle 'Par.' When Par landed on the course - they quickly gathered around him. The two under Par are 'Stymie' and 'Gimme.' The
$200.00 Qty

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