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Tom Clark / Retired
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We offer an ever changing collection of retired artworks. Most are pre-owned and in excellent condition. Most will have story cards. Any flaws will be noted in the description. All will be able to be registered once your information is returned or you may fill it out online (See instructions in main Tom Clark screen).

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Tim & Randy
Tim and Randy are doing a little stunt to show-off for the girls. If a fast moving crab comes along, the boys will quickly drop and run. You won't be able to find them, however, because Randy has bird prints on his shoe soles and Tim has shell prints on his sneakers, and a French coin in his pocket. These two Woodspirits, vacationing at the shore, are named for Tim and Randy Weikel. They are sales representatives for Cairn Studio and deserving of a weekend at the beach.
$85.00 Qty
This is a Scottish Woodspirit with the love for hiking which so many Scots have. Often when climbing the peaks of the Cairn-gorms, he takes a pebble from a stream in the glen and leaves it on the top of the mountain that he has climbed. When many Woodspirits do this over the years, a "cairn" (or stone heap) is formed. Thistle has just taken off his three-cornered hat for a bit of breath as he surveys the view. At his foot is his lucky coin, a shilling from Great Britain which depicts the Scottish thistle.
$100.00 Qty

The N.O. Evils
$100.00 Qty
The 7 Up
In the world of Gnomes and Woodspirits - the turtle is a special means of ground transportation. When it is small it is a taxi - as with Pokey's family. When it is large - like the one with Heather and Jan - it is a mini-bus. The largest one is the bus named
$950.00 Qty

Thank You
$60.00 Qty
Texas "Remember the Alamo"
State Series
$110.00 Qty

My little fellow is watching TV, tuned into "The World of Tom Clark" on the "telly." Both Telly and the tree frog are anxious to view the video, being premiered along with this statue. Since the collector gets two for the price of one (the statue and the video) the two pence symbolizes that "two-fer" bargain. The two little nutheads depict comedy and tragedy, because I hope you have fun watching the video, and if you don't, it's a tragedy!
$325.00 Qty
$60.00 Qty

This peddler is well prepared to do some "tailoring" with his large assortment of buttons and thread.I was reminded of stories of peddlers in the land of my fathers, Scotland, and how they carried countless items with them. Taylor is prepared in case the customer wants pots and pans, a pair of shoes or even a computer chip! If he meets a Gnome who has torn the seat of his trousers on the bottom rung of a barbed wire fence, he can mend it right on the spot and entertain him with some jokes while doing it. You see (as the coin indicates), he is a "traveling salesman"!
$80.00 Qty
T Gift
Approx. 3 inches tall Part of the GIFT series
$25.00 Qty

Swifty is in charge of traffic control. Because he can outrun chipmunks, he is the best man to scout, the path most often used by Gnomes and Woodspirits. If there is any danger at a "Gnome Crossing" area, he will emit a whistle that is so high-pitched that human ears can't hear it. Dogs and cats, however, sometimes hear it. His coin usually is a Norwegian one depicting a lion running.
$100.00 Qty
Edition #1
Sunny was originally commissioned for Sun Valley, Idaho. He wares a Peruvian cap which is popular in Sun Valley. His knapsack is also popular there. Since Woodspirits have very strong lungs they enjoy mountain climbing. They like to find pieces of mica which they can convert into mirrors. If the hike is a very long one, they hitch a ride back home on the back of a hawk.
$500.00 Qty

Named for my cousin Stuart Cooke, Stu is the best chef of his Woodspirits clan. He is preparing to make his famous stew with carrots, celery and just a hint of turkey (see the Irish coin). His hat is the top of a carrot, which enables him to remain hidden while working in his garden all day.
$90.00 Qty
$85.00 Qty

$65.00 Qty
$60.00 Qty

Edition #2
Spud helps dust the potatoes before they are turned into French fries. The one he holds in his hand is slightly burnt, but he likes them that way. His coin is from Ireland, the potato country, and his collar is a lucky shamrock.
$100.00 Qty
It isn't easy rearing a child, and Spock is scratching his head as he tries to figure out how. The bird prints on Spock's feet are for baby birds. The coin (Swedish) has a crown on it, for LOVE must rule when you have a child at hand! Later editions have a "baby" penny.
$75.00 Qty

Created in 1989
$38.00 Qty
Sorghum of Glade Valley
Editions #2 & #4
Seventy-five years ago, in 1909, Sorghum made his way from the Blue Ridge Moun-tains to the valley called Glade, in North Carolina. He watched a fine mountain school begin there, and at night he checked the sorghum berries that the students used for making molasses. The Presbyterian Church has guided this school into its service as a school for teenagers with motivational needs. The coin which Sorghum has found is an encouragement to supporters. Even one penny is an appreciated gift.
$80.00 Qty

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