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Tom Clark / Retired
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We offer an ever changing collection of retired artworks. Most are pre-owned and in excellent condition. Most will have story cards. Any flaws will be noted in the description. All will be able to be registered once your information is returned or you may fill it out online (See instructions in main Tom Clark screen).

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Madre has joined Padre on his ledge and is his best listener. She is laughing at one of his funny stories. Her coin is from Peru, which proves that they should be side by side, since Padre's coin is from Chile. She demonstrates that she is a secret-keeper, too, by keeping the contents of her purse to herself.
$60.00 Qty
This Woodspirit is a wonderful listener and friend. He spends so much time being a "father confessor" to the Woodspirits that he has never had a chance to tell them his real name. He was given the coin from Chile, a Spanish speaking country where the father figure is called "Padre."
$79.00 Qty

This Woodspirit is imitating his idol, Michael Jacksion. His audience has tossed him good luck coins out of appreciation for his performance. One coin is a penny, picturing Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator. Another coin is an antique Philadelphia Token. He is dancing to James Brown's 1969 hit song, "Get on the Good Foot."
$90.00 Qty
Edition #3
Anaheim went to a collector's convention in California to find a plate that he could use as a frisbee. He wrote on the plate (with his left hand!) and then sent it sailing. Judging from his sea shell and his coin with grapes on it, Anaheim plans to sail his frisbee from the shore to the vineyards. His name is taken from "Anaheim," which means "makes people feel at home."
$70.00 Qty

Colette went to the 10th annual Collector's Convention in South Bend, Indiana. She is a regular Gibson Girl dressed in classic Edwardian attire. Sometimes, when she feels shy, she likes the plate turned around so that all we can see of her is her large leaf hat.
$53.00 Qty
When you see the Norwegian coin in Mugmon's hat, you'll know that he has bee in his bonnet! He is trying to decide whether to give his girl friend this flower or take her a heart-shaped leaf instead. Some say his thoughtful expression is due to his having learned Secret's secret.
$66.00 Qty

If the Shoe Fits
$45.00 Qty
$35.00 Qty

Edition #2
e is sitting on a special bench that was made by our plant manager, Shirley Hollar. She sits patiently listening to her husband, O'Neal, as he tells her once again about the one that got away.. She keeps her hair under her kerchief, since she is married. The coin near her feet depicts her namesake, Queen Elizabeth.
$75.00 Qty
$45.00 Qty

Edition #1
$90.00 Qty
Golf Widow
$40.00 Qty

Some golfer thought he was going to make a birdie, only to find that his golf ball had disappeared from the green. A real bird discovered it and decided hatch it into a "birdie" of a different feather. This Gnome is quite bemused by the mix-up. The coin is from Great Britain, the home of golf. Hogan is named for the legendary golfer, Ben Hogan.
$75.00 Qty
Pedro is named for Pedro Cayado, production manager for the Concord Tribune, and in charge of producing the Cairn Collector Society News. I have used his face to honor him for his guardianship of our newspaper. On the base is a Cuban coin that Cayado brought from Cuba, with him. After leaving so much behind in Cuba, he has made the most of his new life.When the statue was first created, the Tribune honored him with a front page story. Pedro is publishing the newspaper that Crowell will deliver to Woodspirits around the country. He is holding newspaper type that spells out Cairn and Pedro. Type for every letter in the alphabet (except one!) is scattered around the base, as well as a miniature copies of Pedro's favorite newspaper.
$65.00 Qty

This fellow helps the flowers to open just in time for the Camellia Festival in Temple City, California. He is wearing the red coat of an official and is named for a former mayor of the town and the owner of Kool's Candy.
$90.00 Qty
Woody & Chane
These two lumberman have just completed the task of cutting a knot from an oak tree. They can get a lot of fuel from this wood. Chane called on a Canadian beaver to help him cut his share of the knot, while Woody used the double-edged axe seen on the French coin to his side. They are currently betting on the outcome of the encounter between the frog and the Japanese beetle in the middle of the knot. I hope the frog wins!
$90.00 Qty

$80.00 Qty
Sorghum of Glade Valley
Editions #2 & #4
Seventy-five years ago, in 1909, Sorghum made his way from the Blue Ridge Moun-tains to the valley called Glade, in North Carolina. He watched a fine mountain school begin there, and at night he checked the sorghum berries that the students used for making molasses. The Presbyterian Church has guided this school into its service as a school for teenagers with motivational needs. The coin which Sorghum has found is an encouragement to supporters. Even one penny is an appreciated gift.
$80.00 Qty

$55.00 Qty
Signed; full signature.Bubbles is the wife of Buzzy, she is the Woodspirit counterpart of Venus, yet slightly more modest. She "leaves" her true proportions to your imagination. She has parked her Singapore sea horse at the base.
$45.00 Qty

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