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Tom Clark / Retired
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We offer an ever changing collection of retired artworks. Most are pre-owned and in excellent condition. Most will have story cards. Any flaws will be noted in the description. All will be able to be registered once your information is returned or you may fill it out online (See instructions in main Tom Clark screen).

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Edition #5
$85.00 Qty
$90.00 Qty

Edition # 1
$95.00 Qty
Bobcat, like your friends Push and Shove and the race car drivers, loves motors. He'd love to join their games and races, but puts his commitment to helping others first. Bobcat is gathering and stocking acorns for the others in the clan. Now Baker and Colleen will have no excuse for not making acorn muffins and acorn pie! His Spanish coin shows a very small bull, in honor of his miniature bulldozer, made by Caterpillar Tractor. Bobcat's leaf hat will camouflage him from the big people doing their fall raking. He'll ring his bell to warn small animals and bugs away from the path of his bulldozer's blade.
$50.00 Qty

This Woodspirit loves to suprise his friends. Sometimes he plays a prank on them and sometimes he plans a suprise party. Well, he is going to get a little suprise when he steps on a monster from New Zealand (on the coin).
$85.00 Qty
Arthur is the oldest Gnome that I have made. He's 365 years old. No wonder that he's down in his back. 365 days a year he goes to the Post Office with his mail pouch. He's never given time off because every day as people see him go by, they say, "Arthur, write us." He two coins from the Caribbean. One shows a bird, for airmail, and the other shows a ship, honoring those letters that seem to have been traveling on a slow boat to China!
$88.00 Qty

$90.00 Qty
$90.00 Qty

Although the New Testament does not mention the mother of the Virgin Mary. Apocryphal literature of ancient origin says that she is Anne. It seems fitting that this statue be so named, for this elderly lady is lovingly preparing for Christmas. Anne has been gathering greens for Christmas wreath. The December day is bright but chilly, so she ties a kerchief over her hair. A lap robe (she probably made it!) lies over the back of the chair, and its warmth will be much appreciated in the late afternoon when the winter day turns to evening. The milk can sits nearby for the Christmas baking, as well as for the mugs of hot chocolate that will be consumed by the grandchildren after sledding and snowball battles. Note her wedding ring - her only piece of cherished jewelry. I am pleased that she bears the name Anne, which is shared by several of my cousins. It is also the name of a former Cairn employee, now deceased, named Anne Gibson. She brought much cheer into our casting department, and her sweet personality must have been similar to that of Jesus' grandmother
$110.00 Qty
$80.00 Qty

$80.00 Qty
Edition #7
$90.00 Qty

Audubon & Peterson
Like the famous ornithologists for whom they are named, these two Woodspirits are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first Carolina chickadee of the spring. Paterson is giving an expert bird call and Audubon is going to use his binoculars for close observation. But even the best bird watchers can't get up soon enough to catch the early bird! The chickadee, unknown to them, has already arrived and is enjoying the bird seed right behind them. The Norwegian coin depicts a small bird.
$110.00 Qty
$60.00 Qty

This is the Basket that Slam and Dunk use to play Woodspirit Basketball. It is regulation height for the Woodspirit Basketball Assioation, and is the only one that Slam and Dunk will use.
$45.00 Qty
Anthony B. Armstrong of North Carolina posed for this statue. He has been named #1 all-around cowboy on the redeo circuit several times. His belt buckle and his saddle are awards from his competitions. It is a happy coincidence that the Cowboy also looks like a young John Wayne.
$200.00 Qty

It's the end of the day and Buck is fetching water, hay and blankets for his horse. As always the horse eats before Buck does. Buck's hat was blown away as he rode in from the range just ahead of the storm. Now he's chagrined that he'll to break in a new Stetson. His skill as a bronco-buster won him that new saddle, as well as his nickname when he rode the bucking broncos on the rodeo circuit. His cowboy friends will find him by the corral, because they know that the Buck stops here!
$100.00 Qty
Matthe B. Brady
$185.00 Qty

Peaches is the wife of Scoop, and because they're real cool, they share the same coin from Chile. But Peaches has turned her coin over, to show that she is a perfect "10." Her hat is a sugar cone, because she's so sweet. Peaches has just finished peeling and slicing a bushel of peaches grown in Piedmont, to make a fresh batch of peach ice cream. She'll plant the peach pit that she's is holding, so that she'll always have peaches for her favorite treat. On the base are some of the ingredients she uses to make other Woodspirits' favorite flavors: a walnut, a peanut, an almond, a plum pit, a chestnut, and a hickory nut in the shape of a heart, for all those who love ice cream.
$100.00 Qty
Guess Who
This Gnome won't tell his name. He has slipped behind the teddy bear to play the Guess Who? game. The clues to his identity are found on the Alabama commemorative coin, the football in the bear's lap, the crimson and white bow "tide" around the bear's neck (the school colors of the University of Alabama). Even if you barely try, with a little coaching we think you'll solve the mystery, We'll bear with you, because it would be unbearable if you didn't win the game.
$55.00 Qty

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